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A play-to-earn platform with mini games and crypto prizes!

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There’s a place for everyone

metagarden For Players

For Players

Play games solo or against friends, earn crypto and use it in other games or withdraw straight to your bank card!

metagarden For Developers

For Developers

Want to add your games to the platform? We’ll provide everything you need — gateways, wallets & blockchain accounting systems.

metagarden For Miners

For Miners

Buy a virtual miner to earn guaranteed daily profit. Increase your profit even more by decorating miner with boost items!

What’s Metagarden?

Metagarden Games

Choose a game from our library that suits you best — from simple arcades to challenging puzzles. Single player, co-op or multiplayer. Test your skills and earn crypto!

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Metagarden Chain

Join the Metagarden chain, the ultimate EVM blockchain designed for gaming. Buy MEGANET tokens to get a 100% bonus when the main network goes live. Don't miss the chance to be part of history!

Metagarden Chain Testnet is live — https://scan.testnet.metagarden.io

Buy MEGANET tokens *

*MEGANET tokens give you the right to enter the Metagarden Chain genesis block at the network launch and receive METAGARDEN coins, native Metagarden Chain coins with 100% bonus.

Metagarden Chain

Main Features

metagarden chain features

Made for gamers

metagarden chain features

Cross-chain compatibility with Top blockchains

metagarden chain features

Fast block propagation

metagarden chain features

Cheap transactions

metagarden chain features

Cheap smart-contracts

metagarden chain features

Cheap NFT-minting

Join Our Ecosystem

We offer developers the easiest way to seamlessly integrate crypto into their games. Release a new token or use one of the popular ones, get a simple custom wallet, crypto deposits and withdrawals.

What’s important. Players won't have to deal with blockchain mumbo jumbo like MetaMask, gas for transactions, unlocking, approvals, and other confusing things.

The SDK and API tools are in development.



The token plays a major role on the platform, it will be used as:

  • Base game token if the game does not have its own
  • In-game payment to purchase skins, NFTs, boosts, etc.
  • Reward for various actions and achievements
  • Cross-game token
  • Voting for promising games in development and qualify for airdrops and discounts of up to 99% before launch
  • DAO — from 1 to 10% (commission from all game rounds gathered for platform development)
  • Staking (lock tokens in exchange for privileges, lootboxes, etc.)


Token Mining

Token mining is a game where the player buys miners that produce daily rewards in platforms’s base token METAGARDEN as well as VOTES token.

Miner’s Privileges

  • Daily rewards in USD
  • Additional Prizes
  • Sweepstakes, Lootboxes, Spinwheels
  • Daily free in-game items that can be shared on social media, exchanged or sold
  • Free tokens for new platform’s games
  • Discounts on new game tokens
  • Affiliate rewards
  • and many more...