Gamified Mining — sipmle for everyone

The mining of the Metagarden platform tokens is an exciting process in the form of a game.

To become a miner you need to buy a virtual miner to receive daily rewards with many other bonuses.

You do not need any special equipment, knowledge or additional resources. It's simple to get started!

metagarden mining spots

Mining METAGARDEN tokens

Buy a Miner. Quantity is limited!

metagarden mining spots
Price per token $0.16


  • 1000 METAGARDEN tokens
  • 1000 VOTES tokens for Platform governance
  • Issuing period 2000 days for both tokens, 0.5 tokens daily
  • All miner privileges
Buy for $160

Miner privileges

Free tokens of games released on the platform (project airdrops)

Daily mining of VOTES tokens, which allow you to vote on the platform for new games and receive bonuses from these projects

Discounts for the purchase of tokens of new games up to 99%

Daily free game items that can be sold or exchanged

Video Guide