BEE — Token of Honee Wallet

BEE is a simple BEP-20 utility token that provides a range of benefits and incentives to Honee wallet users.

BEE Utility

Premium accounts – Honee crypto wallet’s extended account that allows users to get extra benefits:

Gain boosted yield percentage compared to basic accounts.

Access to advanced stats of portfolios managed by the best experts making 10–30% weekly.

Vote-to-Earn. Premium users will make money voting for crypto portfolios they consider most promising.

Rewards for actions. Referral and other rewards for user actions that bring new users to the wallet or expand new audience reach.

Success Award. If the Honee user copy trades with a successful portfolio, part of their earnings will be sent to a special fund as a fee. The accumulated amount will be then distributed to Lvl 3 Premium users.

There are three levels of premium accounts. The bigger the amount of BEE locked, the higher the level, the more the features:

Premium Lvl 1

  • Extended portfolio statistics
  • Level of portfolio’s trust from other Premium users
  • Boosted yield
  • Rewards for actions

Premium Lvl 2

  • Vote-to-Earn feature
  • Advanced portfolio statistics
  • Profitability insights
  • Improved boosted yield

Premium Lvl 3

  • Success award
  • Vote-to-Earn feature
  • Profitability insights
  • Improved boosted yield

BEE Circulation & Price

The total BEE token supply is

100,000,000 units

On BNB Smart Chain, the BEE token contract was deployed at the maximum issuance of 1,000,000,000,000,000 BEE.

99.99999% of the initial supply was burned by being sent to the dead address.

There are around 24,000,000 tokens currently on the market.

The BEE token’s starting price was $0.01, and it first appeared in a decentralized liquidity pool on Minter DEX. The price recorded its low at $0.0035 and then skyrocketed to $0.06 in recent months, showing a 15x growth.

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BEE pie

BEE Earning Options

Honee wallet has great earning opportunities for BEE token holders and liquidity providers. Check them out below and pick the one that you like most.

Referral Program

Invite friends to Honee and get 10% of amounts they stake. In Honee there is multilevel referral program for cryptocurrency staking options.

Referral Program