The Best 1INCH Wallet in 2022: Honee Advantages

What’s 1INCH?

1INCH is an aggregator that unites several decentralized exchanges onto a single platform for searching the most efficient swap routes. One may view Honee as the best 1INCH wallet of 2022 as it helps you buy and put 1INCH to work in no time.

best 1inch wallet 2022
1inch Network
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In Honee crypto wallet, earning gets safe and straightforward. When creating it, we tried to make all operations in cryptocurrency intuitive so that even newcomers to trading could master its basics.

In Honee, 1INCH has the same ticker. It is a wrapped asset on the Minter network, which is fully backed by the original ERC-20 1INCH token from Ethereum.

The smart contract of 1INCH:

The smart contract of Minter Hub:

How to Create the Best 1INCH Wallet 2022

The whole process of creating a wallet takes one minute, tops.

  1. Open the Honee wallet and click on Sign up;
  2. Put a seed phrase you got someplace safe and make its backup. Friendly reminder: if you lose it, you’ll lose your funds as well;
  3. Check the corresponding box;
  4. Launch.
how to create and set up an 1inch wallet in 2022

With Honee, you can buy and exchange 1INCH for other assets at the click of a mouse. Simple and convenient interface, breakthrough technologies, and easy-to-use earning instruments all make Honee the best 1INCH wallet of 2022.