The Best Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet 2022

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (also known as BTC) is the first-ever cryptocurrency that was created back in 2009, paving the way for decentralized systems (blockchains) particularly and the whole crypto industry in general.

best bitcoin (btc) wallet 2022
Maximum supply
21 000 000 BTC

The Best Bitcoin Wallet 2022: Honee

The BTC in the Honee crypto wallet is a token mirrored from the main network of Bitcoin onto Ethereum. Depending on your balance across different networks, both Ethereum’s wBTC (wrapped BTC) and Minter’s BTC can be put into the Honee wallet.

Wrapped and mirrored Bitcoin on other networks is just as valuable as the one on the Mainnet. That is so because when the original BTC is mirrored, it’s locked in the smart contract and released on the other network in the same amount. When Bitcoin is moved between the networks, it’s locked and issued in the same amount, too.

What makes Honee the best Bitcoin wallet of 2022 is that not only does it have a sleek and intuitive UI, but it’s also transparent.

The WBTC smart contract on Ethereum:

The Minter Hub smart contract:

The BTC cold wallet on Minter Hub:

How to Set Up and Create a Bitcoin Wallet in 2022

  1. Open Honee web app
  2. Press Sign Up
  3. Save the generated seed phrase somewhere safe (it is this phrase that you’ll be using to log in to your newly created wallet)
  4. Hit Launch once you’ve double-checked that your seed phrase has been written down or copy-pasted to someplace safe and made sure you’re the only one who can access it.
how to create and set up a bitcoin wallet in 2022

We hope that now that you’ve finished scrolling down this page, you have an actionable understanding of which Bitcoin wallet is the best. In 2022, Honee release version hits the market—meaning storing BTC will get much more user-friendly!