This simple guide will help you understand how to buy UNI in 2022 quickly and safely using the best wallet, which is Honee.

How to Buy UNI in 2022

There are two ways to buy UNI within Honee crypto wallet. The first method involves the direct swap of any liquid cryptocurrency in the Minter network for UNIBSC. The UNIBSC ticker on the Minter network is used to signify that it is a mirrored asset fully backed by the original UNI token. The Honee wallet got this opportunity thanks to the cross-chain transfer mechanism, which is carried out through the Minter Hub bridge.

If there is no UNI in your wallet yet, you must first replenish it with any liquid Minter network token or Ether. When replenishing through the Ethereum network, the ETH is automatically converted into the Minter network token of your choice and then exchanged for UNIBSC.

For that:

  1. Click Receive → Top up with ETH;
  2. Select the amount of Ether you want to replenish your wallet with, and any base coin of the Minter network. Then click Buy;
  3. Copy the Ethereum address and make a transfer;
  4. After that, return to Honee to buy UNIBSC;
  5. On the main page, select the Swap section and the direction;
  6. Check the exchange conditions and confirm the operation;
  7. After completion, you will see the details of the swap in the Explorer upon clicking the View transaction button.
how to buy uni 2022
how to buy UNI Uniswap 2022
how to buy uni 2022

Now you know how to buy UNI in 2022 from within your Honee crypto wallet. We hope that you have already checked out just how convenient it is!