How to Earn Bitcoin 2022

There is no doubt that Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency that everyone’d like to see in their portfolio. The Honee crypto wallet is designed to teach you how to earn Bitcoin in many different ways. Honee lists numerous earning program cards, and the only thing left for you to do is pick the ones you like the most.

How to Earn Bitcoin in 2022

Trade in BTC

What’s better than buying Bitcoin low, selling high? Honee App allows you to trade in a fast and convenient way. You can make an exchange in just a couple of clicks.

Simply select the tokens you want to swap (for example, USDT) and specify the amount. The wallet will show you the amount of BTC you’ll get right away, along with the rate you’re buying it at.

how to earn bitcoin 2022

Liquidity Mining with Bitcoin

Another answer to the question, “how to earn Bitcoin in 2022?” is liquidity mining, which is one of the elements of DeFi (decentralized finance). For providing liquidity to the pools that contain BTC, you’ll be getting a share of the fee charged for every swap made within those pools. For example, you’re an LP of the BTC-USDT pool, where someone makes a swap transaction and pays a fee in BTC. That fee will then be distributed among all participants of the pool proportionally to their share of pool, making the pool itself bigger and “richer.” To get the fee you’ve earned, you’ll need to remove a corresponding amount of liquidity from the pool.

To provide liquidity into a pool with Bitcoin, pick the card you need and leave the rest to Honee. When choosing a card, pay attention to APY—this parameter shows yearly returns.

how to get bitcoin 2022

Yield Farming with Bitcoin

Farming means additional reward for liquidity providers. Farming programs are active during specific timeframes, with rewards being sent out on a daily basis.

For example, if the APR is 36.6%, that means that for every day of their participation, LPs will be earning 0.1% on their own liquidity. If an LP’s own liquidity is $1,000, then the amount they’ll be making daily will be $1.

How to Get Free Bitcoin 2022

The last (but not least!) way to make money for BTC liquidity providers is to get Bitcoin for free through everyday giveaways. Each day, a randomly picked participant of the pool will win a prize outlined in a Honee card. The more BTC you’re supplying, the higher the chances.

how to get bitcoin for free 2022

We hope that now that you’ve finished scrolling down this page, you have an actionable understanding of which Bitcoin wallet is the best. In 2022, Honee release version hits the market—meaning storing BTC will get much more user-friendly!