The Best SHIB Wallet in 2022

What’s SHIB?

SHIB is a meme cryptocurrency named after a Japanese dog breed. The project initially did not focus on technology, but with the rise in popularity, the founders of SHIB promised to create a DEX and an NFT marketplace.

best shib wallet 2022
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The Best SHIB Wallet in 2022

When buying cryptocurrency, it is important to have a serious approach. What should the best SHIB wallet in 2022 look like? The wallet that will store your tokens must be non-custodial and secure. That is why Honee might be the best solution.

Honee is a proven wallet that works in a completely decentralized way, meaning the user can safely store their coins without worrying about safety. In addition to technical aspects, it is worth mentioning that Honee’s interface is friendly towards even novice crypto enthusiasts.

In the Honee wallet, the Shiba Inu project is represented as a token under the ticker SHIB.

SHIB’s smart contract on Ethereum:

Minter Hub’s smart contract:

How to Create the Best SHIB Wallet 2022

  1. Go to Honee and click Sign up;
  2. Copy the generated seed phrase and save it somewhere safe, tick the box afterwards;
  3. Launch Honee.
how to create and set up an shib wallet in 2022

Honee is probably the best SHIB wallet of 2022—fast, secure, and convenient!