CAKE is the native token of the PancakeSwap DEX platform, which is one of the fastest-growing projects in the DeFi space. With the help of the CAKE token, users of this platform can participate in voting on the development of the protocol, staking, and buying lottery tickets on the PancakeSwap exchange. Today, we will tell you how to earn CAKE in 2022 with the best wallet for making crypto, Honee.

How to Earn CAKE in 2022

The Honee wallet has a reliable earning mechanism built atop the liquidity pools and additional reward programs collectively known as yield-farming. Provide CAKE and BIP (1:1) liquidity into pools and earn on the fees paid by traders.

In order to participate in CAKE farming, you need to:

  1. Log in to your Honee wallet using your seed phrase and choose the Yield Farming CAKEBSC / BIP card;
  2. Click on the Add liquidity button;
  3. Select the number of CAKEBSC tokens. BIP volume will be calculated automatically;
  4. Press Add;
  5. The last step is to confirm the operation.
how to earn cake 2022

In return, you will receive CAKEBSC / BIP (LP-1209) tokens, which are your guarantee that you may withdraw your funds from the pool at any time. You can see other farming programs on the relative page in Minter network Explorer.

how to earn cake PancakeSwap in 2022
how to earn cake 2022

That’s all! Now you know how to earn CAKE in 2022 at the Annual Percentage Yield specified in the card.