MATIC is a native token of the secure autonomous sidechain network Polygon that was created to increase the scalability and speed of transactions on the Ethereum network. Our guide will show you how to buy MATIC cryptocurrency in 2022 with Honee crypto wallet.

How to Buy MATIC in 2022

In Honee, you can buy MATIC quickly and securely. To do that, you need to fund your Honee wallet with any supported cryptocurrency and then swap it for MATICBSC. It is the MATIC cryptocurrency’s ticker on the Minter network, which is fully backed by the original tokens from the Binance Smart Chain network.

So, how to buy MATIC in 2022?

  • As soon as your wallet is replenished with any cryptocurrency of the Minter network, go to the main page and click the Swap button;
  • Indicate the coin of the Minter network available on the wallet, and select the MATICBSC coin from the dropdown field below. Its amount will be calculated automatically;
  • Click on the Swap icon and complete the exchange by confirming the operation in the next window.
how to buy matic 2022
how to buy MATIC Polygon 2022
how to buy matic 2022

Thanks to Honee’s advanced tools, trading becomes intuitive and safeguarded. The high speed of transactions without the need for Layer-2 solutions make the Minter blockchain and Honee crypto wallet the best mix of solutions for trading and storing crypto assets. Now you know how to buy MATIC in 2022 and how to do it quickly.