The Metaverse Index is a token that was created to reflect the current trends in the transition to the virtual environment. The index includes a set of tokens of the most popular metaverses and is computed based on their total market capitalization and weighted liquidity using a special formula.

The volume of the metaverse market is growing rapidly, so interest in the Metaverse Index remains at a high level. In this guide, we will show you how to buy MVI (Metaverse Index) in 2022 using the Honee crypto wallet.

How to Buy MVI (Metaverse Index) in 2022

You can buy MVI right inside your Honee wallet. The Minter network uses the mirrored METAINDEX token, which is fully backed by the original MVI of the ERC-20 standard.

To buy METAINDEX, you need to replenish the Honee wallet with any liquid cryptocurrency since any purchase within the wallet is made through swapping on the Minter network.

How to Top Up Honee

There are two ways to make a deposit—via the Minter network and via Ethereum. To deposit via Minter, click the Receive button in the dashboard, then copy the address, and transfer the asset to be swapped to Honee.

To deposit via Ethereum, select Top up with ETH. Then enter the amount of ETH for transfer and one of the base coins of the Minter network that will be swapped for METAINDEX.

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How to Buy MVI (Metaverse Index) in 2022

To buy the Metaverse Index token, use the Swap button located on the main screen of the dashboard.

Now you can use any crypto asset available in the wallet.

  1. In the You pay field, indicate the coin you want swapped;
  2. In the You receive field, indicate METAINDEX;
  3. Confirm operation by clicking the corresponding button.
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To buy METAINDEX, you can also choose either of the special cards: Buy METAINDEX or Buy METAINDEX for ETH under the Swap section.

By choosing the Buy METAINDEX card, you can use any coin from your wallet for swap.

how to buy mvi metaindex 2022
how to buy metaverse index mvi 2022

By choosing the Buy METAINDEX for ETH card, you will be able to deposit Ether to your wallet, which will be automatically exchanged for the METAINDEX coin in your Honee wallet.

how to buy mvi metaindex 2022
how to buy metaverse index mvi 2022

Now you know how to buy MVI (Metaverse Index) in 2022 using probably the best crypto wallet out there. Enjoy Honee’s security while earning on the fees by providing liquidity into the pools.