Named after an Internet meme, the DOGE cryptocurrency quickly gained incredible popularity among the broad mass of crypto investors. Today, anyone can add DOGE cryptocurrency into their portfolio thanks to the Honee crypto wallet.

How to Buy DOGE in 2022

The mechanism on how to buy DOGE in 2022 is very simple. In the Honee wallet, DOGE is represented as a DOGEBSC token mirrored from the Binance Smart Chain network. DOGEBSC is fully backed by the original asset, which is possible thanks to the implemented mechanism of cross-chain transfers.

The purchase is carried out in two stages. First, you fund your Honee wallet with any liquid Minter-powered cryptocurrency or purchase one via Ethereum; then, swap it for DOGEBSC.

How to Top Up Honee Wallet

You can replenish your Honee wallet with any liquid Minter network token or with Ether.

To make a deposit into your Honee wallet via the Ethereum network:

  1. On the main page, click Receive → Top up with ETH;
  2. Specify the amount of Ether and pick any of the coins of the Minter network to swap it for, e.g. BIP. Its amount will be calculated automatically;
  3. Click Buy and copy the deposit address on the Ethereum network;
  4. Send ETH tokens to the copied address in any way convenient for you and wait for the funds to arrive in your Honee wallet.
how to buy doge 2022

How to Buy DOGE 2022

You can buy DOGE within Honee by swapping any tokens of the Minter network for it. To do that:

  • While in dashboard, click on the Swap button;
  • Specify the amount of the Minter network token and select DOGEBSC below. Its amount will be calculated automatically;
  • Press Swap and confirm the operation in the next window.

how to buy doge Dogecoin 2022
how to buy doge 2022

The Honee wallet allows you to trade in the world’s leading digital assets from within a fully decentralized environment. Thanks to the Minter blockchain, transactions in the Honee wallet are at super-low fees and high speeds (5 seconds, give or take). Now that you know how to buy DOGE in 2022, you can give it a try!