The USDT’s main difference from other cryptocurrencies is that it does not have a blockchain of its own and its price is pegged to the U.S. dollar only. That makes it one of the most lowly volatile and highly demanded crypto assets in the world. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy USDT in 2022 within the Honee crypto wallet and do it in just a couple of steps.

How to Buy USDT in 2022

To buy USDT, you will need an account with Honee. If you have none, it is about time you set up one.

1 Creating Honee Wallet

  1. Go to Honee wallet and hit Sign up;
  2. Save the seed phrase you’ve got and tick the checkbox;
  3. Launch Honee.
how to buy usdt 2022

After setting up, you’ll get into dashboard. In order to buy USDT, swap any supported cryptocurrency for it.

Note: Honee wallet will introduce more ways to buy USDT in 2022. Follow the announcements!

Hit Receive, copy the address, and top up whichever way you like.

best way to buy usdt 2022

In Honee, the Ethereum network’s USDT token exists as the USDTE token on Minter. It is a mirrored—i.e., fully backed—USDT token of the Ethereum network that has lots of competitive advantages.

Low fees (just $0.01 per transfer and $0.03 per swap) coupled with high transaction speed ensured by finality (no need to wait several blocks for confirmation) allow Honee users to operate in stablecoins in a fast and secure way, and also put them into staking and yield-farming programs.

2 How to Buy USDT in 2022

Once replenished, the only thing left to do is swap our cryptocurrency for USDT. For that, first press the corresponding button.

how to buy tether 2022

After that, you’ll see a pop-up window. In order to buy USDT:

  1. Pick the crypto you want from a dropdown list;
  2. Specify the amount and direction;
  3. Choose USDTE in the You Receive field;
  4. Hit the Swap button and make sure the amount receivable and the rate are correct;
  5. Confirm;
  6. In a couple of seconds, USDTE tokens will arrive in your wallet.
best way to buy usdt dollar in 2022

That’d be it! We hope that this simple how-to of ours will help you figure out how to buy USDT in 2022 and top up your wallet in order to enjoy all the benefits that Minter Network has to offer in terms of operations with cryptocurrencies.